Features and Benefits

  • Assembly and dismantling is quick and simple.
  • Durable spring steel clips keep all parts together as a fixed unit.  No nails, screws or wires required.
  • Ideal system for reuse in a closed loop logistics network.
  • Durable for multiple trips – saving space and transport costs when flat-packed.
  • If damaged simple substitution of ClipBOX parts/panels avoid replacing the complete box.
  • No heat treatment or fumigation required if exported to countries conforming to the ISPM 15 (International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures) regulations.
  • Favoured for one-way distribution – even warehouse storage because of its strength, durability & international recognition.
  • Rebated panels provide for a weather and dirt resistant seal on box edges.
  • Can be assembled and dismantled around the load – allowing for inspection and  side entry whilst minimising risk of damage.